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What’s a Solitary Witch

Simply put a solitary witch is anyone who practices by themself. So a practitioner of any Pagan or Wiccan faith can be a solitary witch. As opposed to a coven witch, a solitary witch will perform all rituals and spells on their own. But this doesn’t mean that a solitary witch will not have witch friends. It just means that they don’t require or want any additional people in their rituals. A lot of solitary witches prefer to practice alone because it provides a more intimate setting and allows them to feel more free and uninhibited. I practiced as a solitary witch for several years. I was a teenager in the Bible Belt and didn’t have any witch friends. But it made the rituals and spells feel so much more sacred when I was by myself with my own thoughts. I didn’t feel the need to speak every intention or say every spell out loud or to chant out loud. I was able to use my internal thoughts or monologue and therefore had more free flowing pace of thought. Most witches start off as a solitary witch until they find people with whom they share beliefs with, then they generally create a group and share in the joys of ritualistic magic.


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