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What’s a Kitchen Witch

A kitchen which is simply a witch who practices in a kitchen instead of at an altar. Kitchen witches tend to practice magic through cooking, cleaning, and home crafts. They usually dont focus so much on the ritual aspects of magic, favoring the intention that magic brings. A kitchen which may prepare a special meal for their family on a holiday instead of a formal ritual. 

Kitchen witchcraft is not for all witches. A lot of witches need the formal aspects of ritual such as calling the quarters and drawing a circle. And that’s okay! The point of magic is to find your way of practicing with the best intentions and the best acknowledgement of self. I found kitchen witchcraft mostly because as a mother I don’t necessarily have time to sit down and have a full ritual for the major holidays and having a full altar set up generally attracts my two children to destroy said alter. Instead of an alter, I do have ritualistic items in my kitchen that I use such as spoons, cast iron pots, candles, and other such items. I put intention into my cooking through visualization and the occasional spoken word. For the solstices, I use corresponding herbs and plants in my cooking as a way to draw in the power of the holiday. In this blog I will touch on lots of different witchcraft practices such as hedgewitches, solitary witches, coven witches, and others. Kitchen witchcraft is one of the many beautiful ways in which we express our faith and how we use our actions and intentions to better our lives and others.